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1131 Budapest, Gyöngyösi str. 84. Hungary

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Custom software development

Unique software solutions using the most up-to-date object oriented technologies, in time. 

IT Consulting

We can help in the development of transparent IT systems with costs that can be planned from deployment of software to application integration. 


Our company assumes the safe and continuous operation of IT systems. Under our personalized service, we react quickly and effectively to events, which may cause disruption in our clients’ business.

System integration

 In recent years we have had the chance to prove our excellence in several projects aimed at the integration of applications delivered by different producers. There have been several projects, in which we incorporated B2B connections into existing IT systems using XML and WebService.


We can provide an appropriate expert or even an entire project team at short notice.

  • Project Manager
  • System designer
  • Architect
  • Program developer (senior, junior)
  • Operator
Professional software testing

We provide software test services in various fields from the designing to implementation. When planning the tasks or selecting methods and tools we always bear in mind the objectives and capabilities of our customers.

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